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Focus + Read

Your first playlist is half an hour of music chosen specifically to help you switch off any distractions and lose yourself in a book.



What better way to shake up your music habits than by discovering new artists who are inviting you to consider change? Enjoy this hour-long playlist of emerging artists creating music that inspires change for the better, including songs that examine how it feels to change from childhood to adulthood.


Both playlists this quarter were compiled for you by Ellie Sorensen who works in music PR at Crosstown PR and A Badge of Friendship. Ellie works with a diverse range of artists, labels and media-music events including The Duke Spirit, Idlewild, The View and LAB Records and she has helped emerging artists such as Eliza Shaddad, Dream Nails, Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard and CRAWLERS find and engage with their audience. Ellie is also co-founder of HRMNY Presents, an emerging music blog that combines the worlds of art and music in order to shout about artists they love.

If you enjoy Ellie’s selection of emerging artists, you’ll find plenty more at:  |  |



Changes with Annie Macmanus


DJ Annie Macmanus talks to artists, writers and musicians about the biggest changes they’ve overcome in childhood and adulthood, and how they effect change. Lots of great episodes to pick from, including this one with author Katherine May about how her life changed with a diagnosis of autism in adulthood.


The Lisa Congdon Sessions

Artist, author and teacher Lisa Congdon talks to the former co-host of a top 20 health podcast, Diane Sanfilippo, about the profound change of heart and intellectual shift she went through that transformed her from best-selling diet book author into an anti-diet activist. Together they explore the impact of changing your mind when it’s in conflict with the way you’ve previously earned your living and everything you publicly advocated for. TW: some discussion of disordered eating and diet culture.


A Thorough Examination

The latest topic under close examination by Drs Chris and Xand van Tulleken is “Can I Change?” Over eight episodes, they ask whether people can change and how they do it, what we can learn from twin studies, whether birth order affects our personality and if willpower even exists. Their usual blend of informative and entertaining.



Author Katy Milkman, whose book How to Change we refer to on page 22 of the magazine, is also the host of this long-running podcast that explores the lessons we can learn from behavioural economics. In this episode, Katy talks to former Olympic gymnast, Shannon Miller, and UCLA psychologist researcher, Hal Hershfield, about how breaking down a goal into smaller steps could help you achieve the changes you’re after.


 The Dr Louise Newsom Podcast

GP and leading menopause expert, Dr Louise Newson, talks to guests on subjects as diverse as freediving at fifty to workplace menopause advice, managing changing hormones and the impact they can have on mental health. Nearly 200 episodes of practical, expert advice.


 From What Is to What If...


This is a subscriber-supported podcast series from the author of book one in your spring book box. Subscribers get first access to new recordings along with other perks but you can also access the back catalogue for free. Described by a subscriber as giving them “…a sense of what I’m empowered to change”.


 Hurry Slowly...


Rob Hopkins recommends Hurry Slowly - a podcast about personal and collective transformation hosted by author, Jocelyn K Glei. In this mini-episode, Jocelyn looks at our obsession with being disciplined and ‘getting things done’ and how taking an attitude of tender discipline towards ourselves can help us find clarity and creative flow.

This quote from this episode we've linked to felt particularly pertinent to keep in mind while you’re using the habit tracker we sent you this quarter:

“You have to completely conquer the feeling that there is something fundamentally wrong with your human nature, and that therefore you need discipline to correct your behaviour. As long as you feel the discipline comes from the outside, there is still a feeling that something is lacking in you.”




 Abi Morgan talks to David Nicholls on This Is Not a Pity Memoir

A recording of a live event from November last year when best-selling author, David Nicholls, talked to Abi Morgan about diary-writing, the differences between writing a book versus a screenplay and how she approached writing This Is Not a Pity Memoir including how storytelling helped her to made sense of everything and lead her “out of the woods” of the experience itself.


 Transition Towns


If you’ve been inspired by Rob’s writing about imagining change, you can see some of that change in action on the Transition Network’s YouTube channels where there are hundreds of short films about projects underway across the UK.


That’s it for this quarter’s digital extras. The next box will arrive with subscribers and gift recipients in June and there’ll be a whole load more thought-provoking extras to access then. Until then, see you over on Instagram.

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