Our story

Emma and Dave are each reading a book and looking happy

Hello! We’re Emma and Dave.

We’re the founders of Drift + Focus, we're married, we live in Brighton and we’re on a mission to reignite the reading brains of the nation, one non-fiction subscription at a time.

Our values

⭐ Drift + Focus is a business with a purpose and a social conscience.

⭐ We don’t shy away from difficult topics but we don’t court controversy. Not all opinions need oxygen.

⭐ We have curious minds and open hearts. We embrace diversity. We prioritise small, ethical and sustainable.

⭐ We’re committed to being as planet-friendly as possible. Read our eco pledge.

Dave and Emma are each holding a stack of non-fiction books and laughing

A bit about Emma

  • My parents launched a short-lived teen magazine together in the 80s and paid my sister and me to sort through competition entries (answers really were on a postcard)
  • I've worked in the arts, publishing and digital media
  • After having our first daughter, I went back to college and did an art foundation 
  • Since then I’ve been working as an illustrator
  • On Fridays I paint

A bit about Dave

  • My first proper job was in a factory that made M&S loo rolls
  • I used to work in football, helping fans take ownership of their clubs
  • I now help groups raise money to buy and save community assets like pubs and music venues
  • I’m a podcast addict and listen to my favourites at 1.3 speed
  • My favourite all-time activity is sitting in a pub, by myself, with the latest copy of the London Review of Books and the New Yorker

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