Welcome to this quarter’s digital library. This is where we share some of the other interesting content we’ve found this quarter that can’t be put into your box.





There’s a curious pleasure to be had from listening to sad songs. According to Susan Cain in her book Bittersweet, we typically listen to our favourite sad songs 800 times compared to 175 times for happy songs. This quarter’s playlist is an hour-long mix of music that explores bittersweet feelings: longing, nostalgia, wonder and the passing of time. Hopefully it will help you jack into some deep feelings and leave you peaceful and ready to read.





Living with Feeling

A series of six informative podcasts from the Emotions Lab, based at the Queen Mary Centre for the History of Emotion in London. Episodes cover topics as diverse as robot nurses, teaching happiness in schools and the changing meaning of trauma.


The Sound of Anger

Also from the Emotions Lab, this podcast series won two British Podcast Awards in 2020. Over eight episodes, historians and guests explore what anger actually is, its role in radical movements and anger in historical moments.


Emotional Shorts


And finally, also from the Emotions Lab, a series of short, quirky podcasts in which researchers explore how our understanding of feelings has changed over time by looking at specific events around feelings such as anxiety, compassion and disgust.


Gabor Maté on Feelings

Writer and physician, Dr Gabor Maté talks to Elizabeth Day about his most recent publication The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness and Healing in a Toxic Culture, co-authored with his son Daniel, and discusses gut feelings and our emotional reactions.





You aren’t at the mercy of your emotions – your brain creates them


The author of book one in this quarter’s box gives a TED talk about constructed emotion theory.

How emotions are made

Narrated by Lisa Feldman Barrett, this carefully-constructed 40-minute video goes into detail about the concepts explored in the book.

Reporting in Rwanda led to my PTSD

The author of book two in your box talks to Times Radio about his struggles with PTSD.


Brave Britain with Fergal Keane

Fergal Keane goes in search of the people he first met over twenty years ago in his documentary series Forgotten Britain. In this follow up, Keane wants to know “where is hope in today’s Britain?” (click to watch on BBC iPlayer)




Awaken your senses! How to bring your body back to life

If you liked the sound of Gretchen Rubin’s book Life in Five Senses, which we included in the Reading List on page 26 of your magazine, here’s an extract published in The Guardian.


There’s a Name for the Blah You’re Feeling: It’s Called Languishing

This piece, by best-selling author Adam Grant, (which we referenced on page 7 of the magazine) was the most popular article on the New York Times website in 2021. In it, he explored the ‘blah’ feeling so many people were experiencing a year into the pandemic.


The HSP Questionnaire

As mentioned on page 8 of the magazine, here are the twenty-seven questions designed to measure a person’s sensory processing sensitivity (SPS), to determine if they’re a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).


Open water swimming as a treatment for major depressive disorder

This is the original BMJ Case Report that we made reference to on page 9 of the magazine.


That’s it for this quarter’s digital extras. The next box will arrive with subscribers and gift recipients in December. Until then, see you over on Instagram.


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