For the Love Of Print

For the Love Of Print

It’s our opinion that people who identify as book lovers probably also love stationery and anything papery, inky and wordy.

We do, anyway. And when we were working on our branding, we knew we wanted it to convey our love of all things printed.

Our brand designer, Emilia Kalyvides, suggested using GT Flexa, a font by Grilli Type, that has lovely ink trap details, to give a subtle nod to traditional printing processes.

An ink trap is a feature you find on certain typefaces, usually when they’re going to be printed on newsprint at a very small size.

The details and corners are cut away to create traps where excess ink can pool rather than spread, keeping the edges of the letters crisp and the text legible.

We’re using GT Flexa in our logo and for headlines and pull quotes across our digital and printed material.

For us, those ink traps are an understated flourish that convey the care and attention we’re taking over all the details of the business. Plus, we hope they also send the message that Drift + Focus isn’t a frilly kind of brand. No ‘live, laugh, love’ driftwood here. Just powerful and thought-provoking words delivered to your door each quarter.

About our brand designer

The Drift + Focus brand was created by Design by Emilia, a specialist in intentionally designed branding and visual communication for the cultural and craft industries.

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