How To Get Out of a Reading Slump

How To Get Out of a Reading Slump

Sometimes one of the hardest tasks in the world is picking up a book and opening it, even when you love reading. If you recognise the feeling, you might be in a reading slump.

A reading slump is a disinterest and avoidance in reading despite usually enjoying it.

The most obvious sign you’re in a reading slump is when you have a desire to read, but you just can’t get into a book. Deciding which book to read feels like an impossible task. And once you do pick one up, it’s back on the shelf within hours, unread.

As a university student studying English, every summer break I internally battle with a reading slump. I have to remind myself that there are no deadlines or essays to accompany each book, and I can go at my own pace. Sometimes it can take a while to remember that reading is a hobby done for fun.

So whether you’re currently in a reading slump or sense one fast approaching, I’ve compiled five tips to get you back into reading:

1) Experiment with audiobooks

If dedicating time to reading is the issue, why not try navigating the world of audiobooks? Listen along to any of your favourite books while you go about your day – cooking, driving, exercising, the possibilities are endless.

2) Re-read your old favourites

Nothing is more likely to get you out of a reading slump than reading an old favourite to remind you why you love reading. Choosing a book you’ve read before is a shortcut to relaxing without the struggle to focus. Even if your reading tastes have changed, no harm in going back to what once made you fall in love with reading.

3) Start small

There’s no need to torture your reading slump further by trying to get into a 700-page novel. Start with small, fast-paced books, collections of short stories or essays, or something that’s a good dip-in-and-out-of type book. Even sitting down and reading a magazine with your phone out of sight will start to build those reading muscles.

4) Change your scenery

Depending on the weather, venturing outside to read in the sun can transform the book in your hands. Whether it's in your garden, on the beach, or out and about in a coffee shop or park, changing your location specifically to read can be just the commitment you need to get you started.

Alternatively, even changing rooms in your home can help your brain get focused into a book. Moving from the sofa to the bedroom or vice versa may be all you need.

5) Subscribe to a book subscription service

Book box subscription services are perfect for getting out of reading slumps, not least because a book subscription deals with the impossible task of narrowing down which books to try.

Here at Drift + Focus, we take the book selection process very seriously. You can trust us to give you two really engaging non-fiction books every three months.

Allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised and intrigued by our book choices when they arrive. Plus, the carefully chosen gifts included in our book boxes are designed to give you a little shot of pleasure. Perfect for helping lift you out of your reading slump.

Happy reading!

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