Creative ideas to reuse your book subscription box packaging

Creative Ideas To Reuse Your Packaging

All our packaging is recyclable but before it reaches your recycling bin, we hope you can put every scrap of it to use.

The box

Obviously ideal for packing and posting your own items out in the mail or to make an awkward-shaped gift easy to wrap, but our plain kraft boxes are also good for…

Stacking and storing all kinds of household items – tapes, tags and ribbons for gift wrapping, keeping tax receipts together, the kids’ felt tip pens and bitty craft supplies.

Cut off the lid to create an open-topped tray (you’ll need to tape the back corners), handy to divide up the contents of drawers that are otherwise a jumble of random bits and good for quick grab items like scrap paper.

Or cut up your box for crafting projects, the possibilities are endless –

  • Make DIY gift tags
  • Create a few card canvases to paint on
  • Punch holes through and young kids can learn how to sew using those big blunt plastic needles and thick wool
  • Cut slits top and bottom of a rectangle to make a simple weaving loom
  • Create a maze for your hamster (too niche?)

The tissue

We kept the design fairly bold and abstract and opted for nice thick 28gsm tissue, so you can reuse it to wrap your own gifts or to add an extra protective layer under wrapping paper.

The shred

Scrunch into balls and use as firelighters or use for padding in your own packages. 

The rest

Whenever we can, we leave gift bags and protective envelopes unsealed so you can use them again. Likewise, we keep the messages on any tags or cards generic so you can use them on your own gifts.

Tell us what you think

We’re always happy to hear feedback if you think we could be doing better with our packaging. Just email us at

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