The Autumn 2023 Box Unpacked

The Autumn 2023 Box Unpacked

Our autumn Drift + Focus box was curated around the theme FEEL.

We delved into the science and history of emotion, self-help books focused on how to feel better, and a variety of memoirs.

These are the two that made the cut, both sent with fold out Reading Notes containing talking points and space to make your own notes.

Book One

How Emotions Are Made by Lisa Feldman Barrett

Image of the book How Emotions Are Made

Dr Lisa Feldman Barrett is a delightfully brilliant American neuroscientist and psychologist who has overturned centuries of philosophy and science to devise a new and powerful theory about how we make the emotions we feel. A fascinating and eye-opening read.

Book Two

The Madness by Fergal Keane

Image of The Madness by Fergal Keane

Written by former BBC special correspondent, Fergal Keane, this is a searing memoir about his diagnosis of complex PTSD, weaving childhood trauma, Irish history, alcoholism and the impact years of reporting from war zones has had on his mental health. Powerful and affecting.


Subscribers received our exclusive 28-page magazine exploring all kinds of aspects of the theme, along with details about the other items in the box and an extensive reading list.

Image of the Drift and Focus magazine

The cover of this quarter's magazine was by Emma McGowan, our Drift + Focus founder, who works as an illustrator and copywriter when she's not working on Drift + Focus.


We love printed paper. For this box, we reinvented the traditional feelings wheel to create an exclusive 8 x 10 inch print based on the theories explained in Lisa Feldman Barrett's book.

Autumn box print


As a counterpoint to the cerebral and emotional side of the theme that we explored in the magazine and books, this quarter's gift was all about physical feelings.

If only there was smell-o-vision because this Mandarin, Bergamot, Rosemary and Cedar soap from Dook smells incredible. 

Dook soap

Hand mixed and poured in their Edinburgh shop, Dook soaps are made with organic ingredients and added Himalayan salt to create a texture you can really feel.

Image of Dook shop

Instagram: @dook_soap

Digital library

And finally, subscribers could follow the QR code on the reverse of their personalised welcome note to unlock playlists, podcasts and links to other content that expands on items in the box, the books and the magazine.

Image of the welcome note

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