The Spring 2023 Box Unpacked

The Spring 2023 Box Unpacked

The spring Drift + Focus box was curated around the theme of CHANGE, an expansive topic that allowed us to explore the personal and the political.

Change is a constant state of being, whether we seek it out or not. In curating this box, we looked at everything from climate change and social change, to changing ourselves and our habits.

First up, the books...

Non-fiction books in the spring Drift + Focus book box

Book One

From What Is to What If by Rob Hopkins (signed copy)

A sensitive and delightful call to action that encourages us to ask 'what if' and to put the power of our imaginations to work visualising a better world. Author, Rob Hopkins, shows us evidence that whole societies can and do change, rapidly, unexpectedly and for the better.

Book Two

This Is Not a Pity Memoir by Abi Morgan

Written by award-winning screenwriter, Abi Morgan, this is the story of how life can change in an instant. Told with brutal honesty and a complete lack of vanity or self-pity by a writer who has an ear for dialogue and a deep understanding of what makes a story compelling.

Reading notes

Each book we send is always accompanied by a fold out page of reading notes, with more about each author and questions to consider as you read. There's space on the reverse of both to jot down your own thoughts.

Non-fiction book and reading nots


This quarter, our subscribers enjoyed the third volume of our exclusive Drift + Focus magazine, 28 pages exploring the theme plus book recommendations, author interviews and more.

Spring issue of the Drift + Focus magazine


We love introducing our subscribers to artists we admire. We've been following the brilliant Rebecca Strickson for a while and were thrilled to be able to include an exclusive poster version of her recent print 'Protest 2023' in our spring box.

Rebecca created the piece in response to the UK government's proposed Strikes Bill, and we thought our subscribers might like help effect a little social change by displaying it in their front windows.

Rebecca Strickson poster


While we largely side-stepped the many self-help books on the subject of personal change, we did include a stationery-based solution to help subscribers form better habits.

We designed our own exclusive habit tracking tear-off pad and included some useful tips in the magazine from a couple of great books we read while researching the box.

Habit tracking pad from the spring Drift + Focus book box

And each subscriber also got one of two exclusive pencils, hand stamped by the brilliant team at Pencil Me In in the north east of Scotland.

Pencils from Pencil Me In

Digital library

Every box we send is hand stamped and packed with care by us, and sealed with a personalised welcome card where subscribers can find the QR code to unlock the digital library.

For our spring box, the playlists in the digital library were compiled by Ellie Sorensen who works in music PR. Her hour-long playlist featured emerging artists creating music that inspires change for the better, including songs that examine how it feels to change from childhood to adulthood.

Ellie Sorensen

Like what you've seen?

We only make up as many boxes as we have orders, so if you want to get your hands on our summer box - dispatching in June - make sure you order before the cart closes on May 31st.

The spring Drift + Focus non-fiction book box

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