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Put your feet up and enjoy an hour of time-themed tunes selected by singer and songwriter Matty Eeles.


Matty is one half of the songwriting couple behind the Brighton band, Bungaroosh*, along with keyboardist Ben Jones.


Photograph: © Mark Brumell Photography

They’re a soulful, eclectic and groove-infused band featuring musicians from Rizzle Kicks, Alice Russell Band, 12 Stone Toddler and The Mummers. You can download their debut album, Unite Again, from Bandcamp. Go and have a listen, we think you’ll love them.

* In case you were wondering, Bungaroosh is a quaintly disastrous building material unique to Brighton, made up of loosely held together bits of rubble.


And since it’s the festive season, we thought we’d reshare the playlist we sent out with last Winter’s box, which was compiled by DJ and jazz vocalist, Katrina Smith. If you weren’t subscribing last year or you didn’t get around to playing it, this is the perfect playlist for a laidback festive party. Play it in order to go from a pre-party vibe to a gathering in full flow by the time you reach the hour mark.






Hurry Slowly

An episode of the podcast series that aims to help you be more creative and resilient through the simple act of slowing down where host Jocelyn K Glei speaks to Oliver Burkeman about getting over our greatest flaws.


The Midpoint

Gabby Logan’s podcast is all about what it means to be at the halfway stage of life. Each guest talks about a particular challenge they’re facing and guest experts are invited to offer solutions and advice. In this episode, author and former magazine editor, Lorraine Candy, talks about what she describes as her physical and emotional unravelling when she hit perimenopause.


John Barker on The Today Programme

Listen to the original request for premonitions made by John Barker and Peter Fairley in 1967.





BBC Maestro: Time Management with Oliver Burkeman

 This BBC Maestro course by Oliver Burkeman offers twenty-two video lessons on how to reject the cult of busyness and reframe your relationship with time. Available to BBC Maestro subscribers or to buy as a one-off course for yourself or as a gift for someone else.


Consequences with Sam Knight and Jo Browning Wroe

Watch this episode of The Waterstones Podcast for a fascinating conversation about the connections between The Premonitions Bureau and A Terrible Kindness, the debut novel by Jo Browning Wroe, which both begin with the tragic events of the Aberfan disaster in 1966.

On the origin of time with Thomas Hertog

We included Hertog’s book On the Origin of Time in our Reading List in this quarter’s magazine. In this Royal Institution lecture recorded in March, Hertog talks about how he and Stephen Hawking worked on Hawking’s final theory.




Treat your to-read pile like a river, not a bucket

A short piece by the author of book one on how to tackle the pile of reading you’ve been meaning to get to.


Being and Time, part 1: Why Heideggger matters

This is part one of an eight-part piece by philosopher Simon Critchley, published more than 14 years ago, but useful nonetheless if you were intrigued by references in Oliver Burkeman’s book to Martin Heidegger, author of Being and Time (published in 1927), and want to know more.


Cover Design: The Premonitions Bureau

This is a lovely article by book designer, Jack Smyth, about the creation of his cover for Sam Knight’s book with lots of images of his creative process, from initial ideas to final decisions. Includes some great examples of mid-century book covers that formed his initial inspiration.


The Psychiatrist Who Believed People Could Tell the Future

Here is the original New Yorker article by Sam Knight that inspired book two in your box.



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