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Drift and Focus Book Box

Habit Tracker + Pencil

Habit Tracker + Pencil

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Form new and lasting habits (including reading more!) with our exclusive Drift + Focus habit tracker and pencil set.

Please note: postage for the habit tracker + pencil is £2.70 by Royal Mail, which is included in the price of the item.

Each pad has 50 weekly tear-off pages with space for 15 activities, reflections and rewards and comes with a quality graphite pencil handstamped by Pencil Me In. 

The 2B graphite lead in the pencil is soft and pleasant to write with and easily erased with the high quality rubber on the end. No marks or smudges left behind.

You'll receive ONE pencil with your habit tracker, either orange or blue, depending on availability. If you have a preference, add a note as you go through the checkout.

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